Eiger Dents du Midi
Schreckhorn with Clouds Clearing Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau before Sundown

Welcome to my virtual studio

This is where I can share my passion for mountain landscape and wild natural places with others who are excited by the beauty of light and colour, shape and form, and the diversity of the scenery all around us. Although I use photography to capture the raw material, the definitive medum of my artistic expression is through paint and brush on canvas. Enjoy your visit!

Please come in and look around

The Mountains of Lucerne - As so often, it's all a question of viewpoint, timing and an element of luck. The theme of the Guild exhibition for 2018 is "Luzerne Hausberge" and I was keen to see Mount Pilatus under snow. But time went by and either there was no snow or we didn't manage to go and so it wasn't until the end of March last year, after a late spring snowfall, that we went up to Seebodenalp above Küssnacht by the Lake of Lucerne. Being northeast of the mountain it was important to catch the morning light but by the time we found the right viewpoint the sun had crept round to the south, and still Pilatus remained shrouded in mist and cloud. However, a couple of hours later the cloud base lifted and the mists started to clear, enough to reveal the mountain tops and indeed to enhance their stature with an air of mystery.

Pilatus (2017) Brienzer Rothorn (2017)

As a companion picture I chose one of the Brienzer Rothorn, the summit of which stands on the border of Cantons Lucerne and Berne, and therefore just about qualifies as a "Luzerner Hausberg". The viewpoint was above the Schönbüel Bergstation on the ridge path leading up the rocky flank of Arnihaagen on the east side of the Rothorn. What the two pictures certainly share are the splendid cloudscapes so typical of the area around Lucerne!

I'm delighted to say that both paintings have been accepted for the Guild's 30-Year Jubilee exhibition, which opens on Thursday 11th January 2018 in the Old Corn Market (Kornschütte) by the river in Lucerne. For further details please see the Guild website at www.gsbm.ch.

All my paintings, with the exception of some of the earlier works, can now be purchased online as digital fine art prints and cards. Individually printed to order using pigmented inks on archival-quality artist paper they combine excellent colour and long-lasting image quality. For more details please click here.