Wetterhorn from above Hasliberg Kreuzberge, Alpstein
Eiger Matterhorn and Dent Blanche Pioneer Ridge, Southern Alps, NZ

Welcome to my virtual studio

This is where I can share my passion for mountain landscape and wild natural places with others who are excited by the beauty of light and colour, shape and form, and the diversity of the scenery all around us. Although I use photography to capture the raw material, the definitive medum of my artistic expression is through paint and brush on canvas. Enjoy your visit!

Please come in and look around

In October this year I painted "Gastlosen from the Hohe Wispile", thus finally completing the quartet of Saanenland pictures which I had started eight years ago. All four subjects originate from two sunny autumn days in October 2007. Three were finished in 2008 and were shown at the Guild's 15th Annual Exhibition in Saanen near Gstaad. The fourth, already drawn on the canvas, had to wait until now, but the contrast of the wild, rocky ribs of the Gastlosen in the distance with the gentler hills around the Lauenensee remains very fresh in the memory.

Saanenland I, from Hohe Wispile to Northwest (2008) Saanenland II, from Hohe Wispile to Southeast (2008)
Saanenland III, by the Lauenensee (2008) Saanenland IV, Gastlosen from Hohe Wispile (2016)

All my paintings, with the exception of some of the earlier works, are now available as digital fine art prints and cards. Individually printed to order using pigmented inks on archival-quality artist paper they combine excellent colour and long-lasting image quality. For more details please click here.