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Activities in 2012

New paintings 2012

#152, Altmann, Säntis and Fälenturm, 2012 #153, Kreuzberge, Alpstein, 2012 #154, Säntis in Springtime, 2012 #155, Tschingelhörner and Martinsloch, 2012 #156, Martinsloch and Tschingelhörner in Winter, 2012

#152, Altmann, Säntis and Fälenturm: exhibited in the GSBM exhibition in Appenzell, March 2012
#153, Kreuzberge, Alpstein: exhibited in the GSBM exhibition in Appenzell, March 2012
#154, Säntis in Springtime: private commission
#155, Tschingelhörner and Martinsloch - Tribute to Hans Conrad Escher (1812): contribution to the UNESCO project "200 Years Escher's Watercolour", organised by the Geopark Sardona to celebrate the famous painting (below) of the Glarner Overthrust, a geological feature which was significant in the understanding of how mountains are formed and the subsequent development of Tectonic Plate Theory. The exhibition was first shown at the UNESCO Visitor Centre in Elm in November, and continued in the LinthArena, Näfels until the end of February 2013.
#156, Martinsloch and Tschingelhörner in Winter: depicting the same mountain feature from the other side (ie. from Elm rather than from Flims) and in winter rather than in summer. The painting also joined the Geopark exhibition and was shown in Näfels until February 2013.

For more about Escher's famous watercolour painting (below) and the UNESCO project 2012, please click here

Tschingelhörner and Martinsloch - Hans Conrad Escher, 1812

Watercolour by Hans Conrad Escher, 22 July 1812

Guild Exhibition Appenzell 2012

The 18th Guild Exhibition was held in the Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte Appenzell in March - April 2012. The local mountains of the "ALPSTEIN" provided a thematic focus and over 110 works from 53 members were shown. It was a special honour for me, that one of my three paintings was selected as the title picture, which then appeared on all the posters and on the cover of the exhibition catalogue.

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