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The Paintings

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Mountain Stream, Glarnerland
Clariden Snowfield, above Linthal
Towards Erigsmatt and the Bisistal
Muotathal below Dürrenboden
Melchsee Frutt, Morning
Rockpool and Düssi, Maderanertal
Glaciated Rocks and Oberalpstock, Maderanertal
Falls below Windgällen Hut, Maderanertal
Golzernsee and Düssi, Maderanertal
Sunlit Pool and Düssi, Maderanertal
Snowmelt Stream, Maderanertal
Rockpool and the Oberalp Peaks, Maderanertal
Evening, Oberalpstock, Maderanertal
Golzernsee from above, Maderanertal
Cottongrass and Oberalpstock, Maderanertal
Windgällen Hut, Maderanertal
Valley View, Maderanertal
Morning Light, above Linthal
October Afternoon, above Engelberg